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Trauma Creates Focus

Trauma creates focus. Our body remembers trauma. Once this occurs, and it will, do you focus upon fleeing, resolution or apathy? The point of life is the opportunities that are self-enabled leading towards emotional resolution perhaps later than sooner.

Robert's is a common story about what inspired him to focus upon a re-solution to address a complex emotion that he did not prefer to continue to experience. Though some are fortunate to become inspired by ease and joyfulness, it's a Universal Law that movement requires antagonism, therefore inspiration usually stems from displacement. Are you aware that emotional qualities and energies are built right into the walls, openings and the structure of a building? The intentional integration of emotional patterns and rhythms is what Archipella Studios offers. Discomfort and displacement is what occurs when our Home is disrupted. Make your 'Home' a resonant temple. ​What’s your story?

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