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Nature by Numbers

This computer animation short is stunning! I intend to meet its creator, Cristobal, to acknowledge in person the remarkable skills that came together for this video to occur. It is a beautiful demonstration of 'Golden Mean' geometry (Nautilus Shell type spirals) also known as the Golden Section, the Fibonacci Sequence and Phi-ometry. The Golden Mean ratio is approximately 1.618:1 and is present in all of Life from leaf forms to sound vibrations to the proportions of Plants, Animals and Humans with no exceptions. This Naturally occurring ratio has been used extensively to resolve beautiful proportions in Architecture. The Golden Mean is a Natural Law describing the uniform unfoldment of g

A Good Day

The best advice I was ever given was 'Pay Attention'. For me this has come to mean the discovery and genuine appreciation of the cosmic scale of life along with the significant smallness of everyday details. The construction of a building is a major investment though in its essence it's the place where stories occur, where businesses thrive, where values are celebrated, where nations are governed and where families grow. Attention to detail and the interconnectedness of ideas and places is the quality that distinguishes Architecture from construction. Architecture is the context wherein stories are born. Buildings tell stories! 'If walls could speak' as they say. This film entitled 'Grat

Core Value Proposition

During Dr. Mason's entire medical education, he recalls only 40 hours of study covering nutrition. He speaks eloquently about the implications of doctors treating symptoms while offering no substantive nutritional advice and how this process assures that patients will return for more treatment. He states that food is the common cause of many diseases including cancer and that health is a mental and spiritual decision to which he dedicates the focus of the rest of his life. His insights are powerfully clarifying.

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