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Frequently Asked Questions


  • Innovative New Building Design, Renovations, Additions, Furniture & Space Planning

  • Site and Environmentally Sensitive

  • Legible & Transparent Process

  • Project Management

  • City Agency Coordination (Codes & Zoning)

  • Consultant Coordination

  • Your complete satisfaction is our success

  • Ethical Practices - We do what we say we'll do

  • Careful Listening and Project Tracking

  • Our goal is the creation of a one-of-a-kind bldg.

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  • Residential - New, Renovations and Additions

  • Commercial Buildings - Medium to Small

  • Space Planning - Office Interiors

  • Hardscaping and Landscaping Integration

  • Decks, Fences & Boundary Walls

  • Trellises, Gazebos & Swimming Pools

  • Resorts and Spas - Home Office or Spa Clinic 

  • Restaurants, Clubs and Themed Interiors

  • Retail Stores - Shopping Malls and Strip Centers

  • Kitchens (Residential and Commercial) - Ask about 'Perma-Kitchens'

  • Entertainment Domes - in association with Vortex Immersion Media (VIM)

  • Alternative Wall types - Ask about Strawbale

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  • There are MANY variables. The greatest delay on any project is the client. Timely reviews and milestone approvals are key.

  • New House - on a flat site with no delays will take about 6-12 months to design, draw, submit and complete a 'permit ready' set of drawings

  • New House Construction - 8-12 months

  • Renovations & Additions - often take longer given the documentation of existing conditions and reuse documentation (As-built drawings)

  • Retail Prototypes - 8-12 months to design and document storefront, interiors and fixtures.

  • Retail Construction - Build-outs will take about 2-3 months. New Retail is Commercial.

  • Commercial and Resort - medium size and normal complexity will take 8-12 months.

  • Commercial Construction - 1-2 years.

  • Office Interiors - 1-3 months.

  • Office Interior Construction - 2-3 months.



  • Sacred Geometry and Resonant Architecture

  • Health Integration (Kitchens, Courtyards etc.)

  • Home and Office Sanctuaries

  • Eco-Architecture

  • Inspiring Buildings and Spaces

  • Innovative Storage Solutions

  • Innovative Retrieval Strategies

  • Graphic and Interior Design Integration

  • High Functioning Spaces and Details

  • Modern, Traditional and Ancient Styling

  • Nature Inspired Material Selection and Detailing

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  • A detailed interview and brainstorming session

  • Preferably a detailed Site visit

  • Custom Fee Proposals and Design Team to meet your Budget, Needs and Wish Lists

  • Establish clear lines of Communication including Image Sharing and Payment arrangements

  • 5-6 basic stages to a complete design process: Programming, Concept(s), Design Development, Construction Drawings, Bidding (if required) and Construction Administration (required).

  • 3D Computer models and Drawings for your review, input & approval

  • Aggressive oversight of Contractor Performance

  • Building Bridges to Personalized Solutions.

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Raised in Pittsburgh, PA, John Gil is the younger of two children. There are artisans and craftsmen, leaders and managers on both sides of the family tracing back to England and Spain. Demonstrating leadership, communication, artistic and technical skills, Architecture was the profession of choice and OSU the education venue. During the 80's and 90's, Ohio State was an exceptionally diverse design school ranging from Pragmatism to Deconstruction. John embraced the diverse process and in practice, aligns Client's qualities into design solutions.

John holds a strong interest in 'How Nature makes form', period styles, technology and diverse cultural histories. During a 25 year career, John served both creative and technical design roles with minimal 

supervision. He has refined the conceptual and technical design process and project management to assure a custom response at most any budget. We guarantee a result to enhance your lifestyle.   

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JOHN GIL - (Owner and Chief Visionary Officer)

STUDIO Atlanta

John is the Owner and Creative inspiration behind Archipella Studios, a company that embodies a culmination of rigorous research and conceptual and technical design refinement.  Having won several design awards including the CreativeUShop Retail Design Competition in 2011, selected from over 300 entries, attention to detail and sensitivity to concept were the determining criteria for his selection.  John has worked for design firms in Ohio, Jamaica, Louisiana and California. John marries a passion for Creative Storage Solutions and Retrieval Strategies, Health Integration (Kitchens, Courtyards and Proportions), Sacred Geometry into a rigorous and fun process with a focus upon spatial flow, customized walls, colors, textures, materials, proportions and exceptional functionality.

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Commerical Client

"The Fallbrook Project presented a lot of challenges. John was the only consultant that truly worked to solve the problems and jump the hurdles. It was impressive to see how John left no stone unturned. He was fearless in his commitment to move the project forward. John was the bright spot. He works with professionalism and heart, a rare combination."


Residential Client

"I cannot believe how excellent is your design and I really enjoy the ideas you have explained to me."


Owner Vortex Immersion Media (VIM) - Dome Client

"Did I tell you that our training dome won first place award for innovation at the I/ITSEC tradeshow? It really worked out great. Thanks for your excellent work on that. They actually manufactured your design!"


Architect (Former Employer)

"Here is the architect that we used for drawing up plans for the health department. He is very hands on, is excellent for design and creates building prints for presentation purposes very well.  He was also very helpful communicating with the health department getting instructions as well as explaining his work. He is very versatile and if he is not too busy I think you will be very happy with his work." 


Former Architecture Student

"Speaking of being treated well while teaching, I interviewed to teach a history/theory course in the architecture department at LSU. During the interview we talked about ULL and their lack of theoretical rigor. I mentioned you, saying that you were the best prof I had there - because you made up for that lack."


Innovative Marketing

"Enjoyed looking at your site. You seem to do some beautiful work. Love that you are integrating sacred geometry into your designs and like the idea of a healing spaces. "


Social Media

"John Gil, those last three posts were some of the most well informed, meticulously researched and acutely articulated that I've read for some time."


Author (We the Skythians) / Research Associate / Special Consultant

"You say it so eloquently John..."


Ancient Historical Research Associate

"Your writings in the few emails this weekend penetrated me deeply... I will write more about this later... my body is pulsating... things are shifting around...  I feel different... thank you for your care and guidance!"


Former Interior Design Student

"A lot of what you have taught me has helped me immensely and all of your personal reviews made me realize that I'm committed to finishing my degree with the purpose of being able to better how I present my designs to future clients".


Social Media

Walking meaningfully is the brave testimonial of talking courageously. "That's a beautiful, powerful thing John! Thank you. I love your eloquence too, a sign of your authenticity and that's the most beautiful thing!" 


Social Media

"John, you just knocked that one right out of the park. Very well said. I feel like that all the time and this just gave me an incentive to move forward and on with it. In fact I just copied and pasted. Will be on my fridge in the morning. Thank you."

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Conventional Architecture  • Innovative Architecture •  Health Conscious Architecture

Artisty & Organization

Technical Details

Healthy Lifestyle

Sacred Geometry

Integration of Ancient Geomantic Principles with Modern Science to create an optimally healthful

You-environment.  (Sonic Architecture)

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