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Healthy Lifestyle & Architecture

Integration of Healthful spaces and details

Exterior and Interior Environment:

The reason we leave our homes and apartments and relocate to hospitals and clinics when we are ill is to recover in a healthy environment. Health in this context is understood as hygienic and pharmaceutically dependent.  Are our personal spaces not health giving and if so why? What is present in our homes that contributes to ill health?  

There are soil, water and airborne threats such as bacteria and pollen as well mysterious chemtrails. There are cleaning products, building materials and processed foods that contain toxic chemicals. There are also genetically modified (GMO) seeds that compel most health conscious consumers to demand transparency and labeling.


Is it possible that our exterior and interior environments are factors that also contribute to ill health? Is there a special proportioning system that can be used to nurture optimal health? How is this different than standard measures and how do we know if proportion alone works?


Health Conscious Architecture:

Health Conscious Architecture or 'Buildings that Heal' integrate healthful site features including light, air, views, landscape, building elements, water, sound, texture, color and lifestyle choices that will remain for the life of the building.  The Natural environment though changes. 


Healthy buildings reach beyond direct sensual experiences and harmonize with their physical settings. A measuring system is required that Nature directly understands. A universal and holistic medium that describes the energetic constitution of both Natural and man-made objects.  I am referring to inaudible sound also known as Sonic Science.

You may wonder how this relates to Architecture? 25 years ago I was seeking answers to the cause of Natural forms. In addition to spiraling 'Phiometry', I learned of Cymatics from a modern master and it is here that my answer began to take shape. Frequencies and wavelengths describe all things from a common measure although these are man-made descriptions. There are no waves or 90 degree corners in Nature, only spirals.

Nature begins with all pervasive geometrical templates that overlap and form an endless matrix of standing waves that we call the universe. What we describe as 'Life' occurs where these waves become focused and subsequently cross and interfere. We see this in the joints of our body and the nodes on a plant stem where new leaves emerge. All of Nature follows this growth constant very accurately. It is known as Phi, the Golden Section and the Golden Mean.

The Golden Section, measured as a ratio of 1 : 1.618 can be utilized as a singular proportioning system to achieve both visual and sensual harmony. Further, this number is not a static energy despite appearing to be fixed and unmoving. What we feel in Nature is energetic coherence that literally unifies the energy of our heart.  Our heart communicates directly with Earth frequencies known as the Schumann Resonance but as well man-made objects that embody these same proportions. Said another way, a building that includes this harmonic measure will provide the same calming coherence as spending time in Nature.

Lessons from Cymatics and other related vibrational systems of measure plus corresponding electromagnetic medical delivery systems that utilize this science were originally rediscovered about 80 years ago. The use of health sustaining geometry, also known as Sacred geometry is prevalent in the East and Middle East as well common practice in the ancient world.  

There are a wide array of frequencies that describe the Natural world. These can be customized for specific effects as well your own signature frequencies can be utilized as a constant for new buildings or interior spaces to achieve heart coherence and emotional bliss. Ideal for clinics and spas, these numbers that may be applied to any form. Your own voice, thoughts and emotions produce a unique frequencies.  A friend and associate named Dr. John Reid can provide a printed mandala based on the sound of your voice alone.

For Health's Sake:

At Archipella Studios, we are keenly inspired to evolve a collective understanding of best personal choices regarding health and vibrant living whether you are our client or not. We understand that utilizing Architecture as a vehicle for health, our best options start with Gardens, Greenhouses, Kitchens, Courtyards and Harmonious Proportions that integrate healthful Natural energies directly into the form of the buildings. 


With these health conscious ideas in mind, we have developed specialized design options utilizing Sacred Geometry, an appeal to create both indoor and outdoor spaces that flow and intermingle, and a Kitchen concept called Perma-Cultural Kitchens for individuals who wish to reduce their dependency upon grocery stores in order to integrate home grown food as a lifestyle. Health benefits tremendously from feeling emotionally well.  I am speaking about the environment that is the inside and outside of your home or office as well as the interior of the cells of your body which resonate with harmonious forms. This is music for the cells and when your cells feel good, you feel good. Cancer is little more than angry cells!


Regarding Kitchens, the degree to which one grows and harvests their own food can dramatically change the layout, prep and clean-up areas, cabinetry and storage requirements of a typical Kitchen. The integration of a Garden and an attached Greenhouse can also contribute to the value and general energy efficiency (heating) of your Home or Office. You can see I am speaking about BOTH the exterior environments for pragmatists and the interior environment(s) for sensualists.  Where these meet is you!



For an advanced understanding and related applications of Holistic Health principles and its relationship to Ancient and Modern Architecture, please contact John Gil for a design consultation or a conversation about Architecture and an alternative approach to Health.

Design Process

Programming through Construction Administration

The third most common question after 'What do you do' and 'What will it cost' is 'What can I expect'? The answer to that question depends largely upon your wishlist, you willingness to communicate that wishlist clearly, your needs and health goals, your practical, organization and spiritual aspirations, the site and climate, your desired involvement, your past experience, your courage and your budget. Each project is unique including low cost housing.

The design and drawing process is generally standard and is largely driven by building department requirements, design complexity, site complexity, the weather and the timing of City Agency reviews and approvals.

Despite the many factors mentioned above, the single most greatest delay, without exception, is you.  After being involved in around 200 projects over the years, an indecisive client or someone who is slow to respond to critical questions is always the greatest cause for delay.


Where Do We Start:

Open your journal or junk drawer, gather the history of notes and concepts strewn about, organize your browser

bookmarks, magazine clippings, books or paintings that inspire you.  Take a walk though your garage or attic storage and imagine that you would rather have the contents displayed on shelves or perhaps a room designed for creative activities. Imagine the space where you would like to be sitting or reading including colors and textures, the sunlight or the candle lit glow of an old world Den or Living Room, or, if an Office, the Conference Room you have been needing in order to meet with clients in-house for years now, and give us a call. It's time to pull it all together. We will help you to get organized and to see the big picture clearly. We will provide for you a Design Summary (Program) and preliminary design concepts from which to choose a direction. We are also organizational experts regarding information management and your stuff; Think shelving raised to an art form. 


Surely you need some extra space, some easily retrievable storage or some fresh paint.  Maybe you are thinking to remove a wall to open out the interior?  Perhaps you wish to increase the value of your home by expanding the Master Suite or replacing the Kitchen?  Maybe you are moving into a New Office and you feel uncertain regarding the arrangement of cubicles and furniture to balance privacy and interaction.  Perhaps you wish for your corporate identity to inspire your Retail Storefront or a Japanese style home and are unsure where to start?  Styles are sentimental but the ideas that define the Architecture can be personal stories that give form to your specific wants or needs. In other words, choose a direction or style but also describe the spatial qualities that you wish to experience in your new home. We work with period styles and personal concepts.  We design interiors though we are not interior decorators. 

The stages of design and construction documentation are presented in general on the bottom of the Design Process page.  Please note that we can provide the whole kit and kaboodle, but as well have been hired solely as designers with other companies providing construction documentation.  We do though require as a condition of our contracts that we play a significant role in the Construction Administration Phase. Many clients feel that they are going to save money by doing this themselves. C.A. represents about 10% of the overall contract and is the most important stage. It assures conformity with the design intentions and keeps the contractor honest which is no easy task. Contractors are profit motivated and will cut corners.

Sacred Geometry & Cymatics

(continued from Sacred Geometry page)...

...There are different geometrical types including Platonic Geometry (closed) based on Pi, Euclidean Geometry (man-made), Fractal Geometry (growth) based on Phi, also known as the Golden Section ~ a constant found in all of Nature and what I call Template Geometry including the so called Tree of Life and the Flower of Life. All of these can be utilized to define a room or any element of a building.

Sacred Geometry is exclusively limited to Phi-ometry, for example the Nautilus Shell seen here.

Pi-ometry is a closed geometry that persists non-expressed in Nature and must be modulated or divided to emulate the Natural world. Once divided an organic 'thing' is no longer whole, although it's tuned, it's not sacred. This is the reason why we often have allergies and dis-ease as a reaction to synthetic food, drugs, clothing, cleaning products and materials.

The word sacred means holy, perhaps 'whole ley' referring to the Earth's natural ley lines thereby connecting shape power to terrestrial energies specific to place, a practice known as Geomancy. Any shape that is it not fractal (holistic), is therefore not Sacred. It is the concentration of energies that creates coherence, vortexual growth, fractal geometry and form

A shape or room comprised of Sacred Geometrical proportions resonates at a specific, inaudible frequency. For those familiar with Royal Raymond 'Rife' or 'Cymatherapy' technologies, frequencies are used to homeopathically nurture our body's vital functions. Each organ, biological system, emotion or thought, contrary to most Western precepts, possesses a signature frequency that geometrical shapes talk to.

This knowledge is a special 'per request' offering by ASGA and forms the basis of the name Archipella Studios. A cappella, you may be aware, refers to a singing style performed without musical instruments; 'Frozen Music' if you will.  Here's an amazing sample

There are various ways to generate energy fields to produce the effects described. Please also ask about the many notable artists, scientists, researchers, musicians and authors practicing this discipline. Architecturally, this list includes the Frank Lloyd Wright, LeCorbusier, Rudolph Steiner, the Hyksos who built the Giza pyramids and approximately 80,000 temples from the ancient world.


Are there examples of Cymatic Architecture? Advanced physics, ancient Architecture and Eastern traditions all confirm that the life we are experiencing is comprised of objects and space in resonance with a background intelligence that is firstly geometrical.

There are thousands of Stone Temples, Stone Circles, Earth Mounds, Pyramids, Obelisks, Brochs, Domes, Towers, Cathedrals, Parish Churches, Graveyards, Perfect Stone Spheres, individual Standing Stones and carefully aligned Geometrical Structures on Planet Earth that integrate vibrational principles that were utilized and understood in the ancient world.

Modern people have replaced this knowledge with digital technology and it's not the same because the vibrational essence which unites biology and Nature is missing! We use metal rebar and wall studs which actually blocks healthful energies while completely ignoring harmonious proportions and careful placement that Nature understands. The universe does not speak English, or the Metric System.   

What is Cymatics and what does it do?  
Cymatics is an artform and a Modern Medical Delivery System (Cymatherapy) that generates Naturally occurring 
frequencies (vibrations) to diagnose and compel a balanced flow of energy.  

When balanced, as well alkaline, disease is not possible. Currently this technology cannot be used to diagnose or heal while the review and approval stage by the FDA continues. It is though available for pain management and cellular regeneration treatments.  

Life is flow and Health is flowing energy. Imagine if a vibration was attuned to a healthful frequency and it was utilized to proportion the shape of your house or a special room, garden or chair? Architects, musicians and scientists for centuries have designed with geometrical patterns, forms and alignments that dialogue with Nature. There is a difference though between copying Natural forms (Biomimicry) and designing with the same vibrational signatures than animate plants, animals and Humans known as Sonic Science. A building that focuses energy and 'holds the field' in place (standing waves) that offers a healthful solution for mind, body and spirit when within or nearby the energy field.  People bask in the sun's energy to tan their skin. Why not do the same for your organs?  Cymatics, which means waveform, is the technology of flow.


How does Cymatics work?  
There are electromagnetic (EM) devices which can measure Nature, your body, your voice or anything that exists to identify a signature frequency. Frequencies are converted into wave-lengths to determine building and room proportions. This science reflects our innate bio-intelligence. "We are Made of Starstuff," said Carl Sagan. We have the means to work with stellar and universal energies for our bodies, products and constructions.  I am devoted to assist others to understand and integrate this technology.  


Every part of your body, including your liver, your hair, your brain, your circulatory system, emotions and thoughts as well your voice, have a unique frequency that remain healthful when in resonance as well in constant silent dialogue with the Natural and man-made world when constructed harmoniously.

Consider why a song will change your mood or the reasons for chanting in church rituals.  Food is energy that can change your mood and is best served little cooked for highest energy. Have you ever walked into a room and suddenly felt uplifted or met someone and felt instantly depressed?  People often speak of 'chemistry' but in fact the subtle shifts are energy awareness. What unifies all of this is the heart's response to energy fields, a subsequent emotion and then an intellectual interpretation.  This applies to animals as well whom are extraordinarily emotional creatures. For those that think otherwise you are justifying or not paying attention.  

Cathedrals and Temples are Sonic Chambers designed to receive and radiate Cosmic, Natural and Biological energies. Perhaps you've been 'altared' or 'entranced' within a building yourself and didn't realize it? 

Are there any dangers?  
Energy describes everything including the vibrations of illness and dis-ease. It's essence is Natural. Consider why health is compromised when living near to overhead electrical lines or radar arrays or within a metal building or daily exposure to fluorescent and compact fluorescent lightbulbs or the consumption of low energy, processed foods. There are many ambient dangers within the standard American lifestyle. 

An associate of Archipella Studios is
David Cowan, a world famous dowser and expert regarding terrestrial energies and ley lines whom has written several books and shares many health concerns caused by excessive exposure to harmful energies. Author David Ritchie, a friend and Special Consultant to Archipella Studios, has rediscovered a complete system of vibrational measure integrated into the Giza Pyramids that covers the entire planet. Both describe the dangers of man-made technologies and the immense benefits of Natural technologies.

The point I am making is that your body will only receive the energy it needs to retain balance.  Why are we feeding ourselves massive quantities of negative energy? This includes cellular frequencies that are destroying the navigational glands of bees and decimating their population and causing flocks of birds to periodically fall out of the sky. 

Some energies are loud. It's music. It's not dangerous unless over exposed by choice.  Your body only receives what it needs and the ancients understood this. Are we blinded by science and consumption? 


Can a Renovation become Cymatified?

Yes, and Cymatified is not a real word by the way, but I like it.  It's good to be arbitrary too sometimes.

A Cymatic renovation is perhaps a bit more challenging if your foundation follows a discordant geometry. A room or office renovation though can be tweaked to achieve beneficial proportions independent of the style or function, so the answer is yes, a new building is not required.

Is ASGA exclusively a Cymatic Company?
These concepts will be integrated in the design efforts of Archipella Studios and discussed only with Clients that have a particular interest which historically have been only a few.  We consider this approach to be True Green Design. I am inspired to bring my considerable knowledge regarding this esoteric subject back to the mainstream to help get it flowing again, although 95% of what we do is conventional design & drawings including 3D models and careful project management. 
Further elaboration of these ideas will be shared in our Newsletters and Blog. Please check back soon and share ideas of your own. Thank you for visiting and reading.  We wish you vital health in all that you do.

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